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How To Beat The Heat – At Work

September 13, 2018 – It is no secret that California has been suffering from a serious heat wave this summer, breaking records with triple digit temperatures. Many of us are lucky enough to be working indoors with the air conditioning keeping us cool. However, there are countless California employees who have no choice but to work outside despite the grueling weather conditions.

Luckily, California employers with outdoor places of employment are required to implement an effective heat stress and heat stroke prevention program. This includes ensuring there is a resting area with sufficient shade for all employees to have paid 5-minute cooldown rest breaks, each hour. Employees cannot be required to do any form of work during these cooldown/recovery periods.


Employers are also required to provide employees with unlimited drinking water, first aid, and emergency response, at no cost to the employee.


There are additional regulations for certain industries when the temperature is over 95 degrees, including for employees who work in construction, agriculture, oil and gas extraction, landscaping, and transportation/delivery.


Employers who fail to provide cooldown breaks or recovery periods to employees are subject to penalties, including having to pay each employee an additional hour of work, per day.


We hope all the hardworking employees out in the sun are being well taken care of!


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